Why do only 10% of people do so well in life so called as lucky, outstanding, successful while the rest 90% don’t ? what magic do they do?

The honest fact is the 10%ers believe that “we shape our own lives and the shape of them will be determined by our attitude”, while the rest of people blame it on fate, circumstances, by the way they have grownup and all.

John N said it best “It’s our attitude towards life which will determine life’s attitude towards us”.

  • Before talking about our attitude towards life, lets talk about our attitude towards ourselves. Since, it is the attitude which determines towards the life.
  • There are millions of people living narrow, darkened, frustrated lives towards themselves and result the same reflect towards life too.

Now your question is what should we do to shift our life to 10%ers??

William James says “The greatest discovery of my generations is that any person can change their lives’s by changing their attitude of mind”. Attitude is a reflection, a result in person’s will, It can bring miracle results for us.

Now your immediate question is, “What should I do to change my attitude” ?

  • We need to train the mind patiently day by day to change the attitude.
  • Change is the one thing in Life on which we can absolutely count but many people oppose the change.
  • If, you observe attitudes of people who are successful, the top 10% of people sailing through life from one success to another.
  • Wherever you find a person doing an outstanding job and getting outstanding results, you may think what secret he have to get all these successes.
  • All these successful people take the attitude towards themselves, that they can accomplish what they set out to accomplish.
  • They have a healthy attitude towards themselves and as result towards life too.
  • Just because of this attitude they achieve success while many of others call them as lucky, fate, born rich and all

What do successful people do? what secret they hide from others?

  • There is an open secret for all these successful people, they are quite same as you, me and like majority of people we are surrounded by but they did develop the right attitude.
  • Successful people have one thing in common, they expect more good out of life than bad. They expect to succeed more than they fail.
  • Successful people radiate confidence, assurance. They expect success and they get success
  • You can easily spot successful people by the way they walk, by the way they look and act.
  • You can feel it about them when they sit beside you, it’s the attitude of success they have about them.
  • If, you want something worthwhile, take the attitude that there are lot more reasons you can have it than there are you cannot. Go after it, work for it and for sure you will get it.
  • Our environment is a mirror of our attitude. If, you don’t like it, you’ve to change your attitude first.

Now, How to reach to the TOP 10%ers in what ever work you do ?

The simplest, easiest and most effective means of getting is to, “Begin to act as though you have a good positive expectant attitude towards life. You start begin to walk, talk and look as though you already belong to this 10%ers group. You will be just amazed by the results when you start doing this.

There is a beautiful line stating “Life is dull only to dull people”, “Life is interesting only to interesting people”,”Life is successful only to successful people”.

1 Simple test, do it for 1 month without fail you can join in this 10%ers group

The result of test is just amazing, you will find yourself becoming lucky and most of the problems will take care of themselves for sure.If, you are good, still do it you become great. It makes no difference how good or bad you are in the past, anything can be improved

So here is the test for the next 30 days, act towards the world, everything and everyone with whom you come in contact with the attitude which represents the results you want to achieve. If the result you want is more success in what you are doing act as you already in possession of success you seek. If, you want others to treat you with respect, treat them with respect first. Remember, It is impossible to succeed without others. The deepest carving of people be to be needed, to feel important, to feel appreciated, give it to them and for sure they’ll return it to you. People with best attitudes naturally grow towards the top 10%ers.

A great saying “We become what we think about”.

Before constructing a building the excavation must be made and foundation laid. Similarly, before you achieve the kind of life you want, you must become that kind of individual. You must think, act, talk, walk and conduct yourself as the person you wish to become. You will be then actually that person and things you haven’t done will naturally come to you, almost immediately you can notice the change. Irritation, frustration, annoy will disappear.

This magical word “attitude” will change every corner of your life”. Your mind can hold only 1 thought at a time, there is nothing at all to be gained by being negative, so be positive. When you’ve a choice of thoughts, it’s your choice to worry and doubt.so think positive.

If, you do it for 30 days, that will become a habit then you will be able to do it for the rest of your life and the result is the person you want to become.

Good Luck


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